Welcome to my portfolio ! Please click on each header to see examples of my work in each area! To exemplify my skills, I have created a fictional website which is marketed by different means – you can visit it at – www.numonerec.club

I am able to launch and monitor the analytics for social media advertisements. The first step is evaluating which social media channels might be more effective for your company. Afterwards, I am able to create engaging advertisements that showcase the highlights and uniqueness of your company. Lastly, I can schedule posts in automation tools and evaluate the analytics to verify that the marketing efforts are achieving the desired goals.

Digital advertisement can help products and services offered by your company appear in search results. I am able to create campaigns in which various forms of advertisements can be promoted so that individuals browsing for keywords that are relevant to what you can offer can find you easily.

I can create content that adds value and engages individuals. This can organically create interest in your company. Creating informative, authentic content will create trust in your company. Various kinds of content can be created, ranging from articles to short videos.

I am able to apply Search Engine Optimization strategies to your website, using various tools. Google Webmasters Search Console can be used to ensure the search engines can crawl and index your site. Other strategies can also help your website. These strategies include ensuring that your site loads quickly, is mobile friendly (responsive), and contains quality content that adds value to visitors, as well as include keywords.

Email is a powerful marketing tool. I can help create strategies to grow your email list, as well as create email campaigns, and newsletters. I can monitor the results of the campaign and generate valuable insight.